Backpacking alone to Flores – 1st day

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It has been awhile since my last post. I’ve been busy and I forgot my password hahaha…

So, what happened lately? @_@

A lot  :^

I traveled to some places and my friends asked me to write it down somewhere, so here I’m writing this down on my blog.

So for my first story I’m going to tell about my trip to Labuan Bajo, Nusa Tenggara Timur Indonesia

Enjoy  ; )

~Backpacking alone to Flores – 1st day 29 May 2015~

As I said before in my first post, I am currently working at Garuda Maintenance Facility, Indonesia. My company gives a free 2-way ticket for all Garuda flight every year. I used my first free ticket to travel alone to Labuan Bajo at Nusa Tenggara Timur. This place is famous for its trip from one island to other islands by boat, one of the rarest animals on earth Komodo Dragons and its natural habitat, hiking tracks, beautiful underwater ecosystems for snorkeling, and many more.

To go to Labuan Bajo with Garuda fleet, I had to travel to Bali first and then continue my flight using ATR to Labuan Bajo. It was the first time I traveled by plane. I did not have any plan, I just wanted to go there and find a tour guide which rent out boat for tourists. When I arrived, I checked my phone. It was 3 PM and I still have signals to contact my friends and family in case something happened. I did not know where to go, but I knew that what I need is close with the harbor. I took a ride to a place near the harbor and found a lot of tour guides and hotels. I went to this one tour guide company, run by a nice person named Figo.

His nephew was the one who explained to me that their company would register tourists who wanted to rent a boat to a boat’s captain. This way the tourist could rent a boat cheaper by sharing the cost with other tourists. There are two kinds of packed I could have: two days trip or three days trip. I chose two days trip package and I could spend the night on the boat. I registered and then asked him a recommended hotel for me to stay that night. He gave this recommended cheap hotel that was close with his place, so I do not have to wake up early to start my boat trip in the next morning.

I tried to book a room in Kanawa Island after checked in. I read Kanawa Island’s review on internet and I saw the picture of the island, It so beautiful. I planned to spend one night there on the third day of my trip, and I have to book the place at their office in Labuan Bajo. Unlucky for me the place full booked until next week, so I have one free day to do something else. Then I went to this place “Wisata Kuliner Kampung Ujung”. The place had a lot of seafood restaurants that only opened in the late afternoon. I ate the most delicious grilled fish in my life there. I asked the owner, “How come the fish was so delicious?” He said the reason why they open the restaurants in the afternoon because they sell fishes that just caught from the sea, so they only cook fresh fishes for their customers.

I went back to my hotels after finished my diner, I bought some snacks and 3 bottles of mineral water on my way back. We never know what might happen tomorrow, so I better prepare myself by stocking some clean water. That night It was so hard to sleep, not only because I cannot swim, but also I cannot wait to start my trip on the boat in the next day. I was scared and yet excited at the same time.

Stay tuned to know what happened to me the next day in this five days trip of mine at Labuan Bajo. XD

PS: We born alone and will die alone, so why not travel alone. Try it and be addicted.


These pictures taken by using my Canon 60D Camera.

IMG_9812 Luckily, I sat next to the window

IMG_9820 view of Bali from above

IMG_9870 Labuan Bajo harbor  at night

IMG_9872 You can taste fresh seafood at Wisata Kuliner Kampung Ujung


NB: Click the picture to get bigger view

You can ask me for more information about my trip, just leave a comment below. :3

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Hey there… Gandhi’s here….

Hey there…

For my 1st entry i will introduce my self and some other stuff.

My name is Gandhi Mahaputra a 2.3 y.o boy ( I will always be a boy)

I’m currently working as an aircraft’s power plant engineer in an aviation company after graduated from University of Indonesia (Universitas Indonesia) majored at mechanical engineering.


So I’m living in Tanggerang near Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Cengkareng(CGK), Jakarta, Indonesia. (I lived in Bekasi and  Depok before thou)

My family has 5 members including my dad, mom, 2 younger brothers and me. I will explain about them later in another entry.

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